Who the h-e-double-toothpick are we?

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So who the hell are we?

So who the hell are we and why should you care? 

The first order of the day – well, since it’s 1:45 PM – The second order of the day is creating this first posting in the new era of Discount Photo Gifts. Quick plug before I get started. We are the place for high quality photo gifts at the lowest prices. And we match any Internet pricing, too. So get custom phone cases, photo canvas and posters, and tons of other photo gift items for yourself, friends, or family. I could have said just yourself and friends, but sometimes your family is not your friend. Insert emoji of your choice here.

So the main point of this post is “Why the hell should you care who we are?”. Well, I just mentioned one reason above. But that’s a small reminder just in case you have extra shillings to get someone a cool photo gift. But what we really want to be is a place to get DIY ideas on a lot of cool things for the home, office, or any living space you can think of. We’ll post our own ideas as well as bring you great ideas from other DIY sources! Sounds like a plan. Cool. Done. So stay tuned and feel free to subscribe! Thanks for reading!